Arts night at gatestone

imageOkay so let me just say we had this thing on Thursday called arts night it was amazing in the picture above this introduction you will see the arts night schedule some of it is junior dance ,intermediate dance,glee club,drama club and primary choir . I have to say this night was the best night ever I got to perform for my friends and family . #bestdayever

body maps

okay so were working on these things called body maps in science and the reason why there called body maps is cause were studying the human body . my group had all this cool supplies we had dried up spaghetti  as the intestine,pink tissue as the brain,red plastic as the heart, zigzagged string as the rib cage , again red plastic for the lungs, and straws for the bones and the way we made the body was we took a life size paper and traced myself on the paper . any way the point is they were really fun to do and now there hung up on our classroom wall to show off thankyou  so much for listening

signed : @nicky442




Disproportionate Portraits



Proportion is  something that stays in its  normal shape and size which means it never changes .but like in this picture i have used photo booth so my face really looks like a space alien which is the effect that i have used .so now my face has changed its shape and size so now my picture is disproportionate which means it is no longer normal .so a proportion means stays normal and disproportionate means not normal thanks nicky 442